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  • Community Pharmacist – Support During Lockdown

    Community Pharmacist – Support During Lockdown


    If you have questions on medicines or health, feel free to WhatsApp our community pharmacist (WhatsApp: 6618 9212). Community Pharmacist will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible.

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  • Free Pill Box Distribution x Drug Icon CC

    Free Pill Box Distribution x Drug Icon CC

    Feeling helpless in managing your medications? Being worried about their potential side effects? We believe that these are situations commonly faced by patients who are on chronic medications as well as their caregivers. Have you ever thought of using a pill box? Which types of pill box should I use? Thanks to 藥物圖標 (Drug Icon…

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  • Summer Tips x Indigestion

    Summer Tips x Indigestion

    Strategies For Indigestion Facing the temptations of delicious food, a lot of us could not resist eating continuously. If you eat too fast without careful chewing, your stomach may become very uncomfortable! Eating too much may result in indigestion. What can you do when you encounter such symptoms? Medications certainly have their role, but what…

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  • Dandruff: what you need to know

    When you were travelling on the bus or walking in the street, have you noticed people with white flakes on their shoulders? Or while you used to have healthy scalp, suddenly you find yourself having dandruff? Although in most cases dandruff is not a serious health problem, people feel self-conscious about it.  What is dandruff?…

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  • Allergic Rhinitis (1)

    Allergic Rhinitis (1)

    Many people have had symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as itchy nose, frequent sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose and more. The symptoms can be especially evident in the morning after waking up. In some cases, it may also lead to post-nasal drip, breathing discomfort and smell distortions, leading to inconveniences in daily life. What exactly…

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