Free Pill Box Distribution x Drug Icon CC

Feeling helpless in managing your medications? Being worried about their potential side effects? We believe that these are situations commonly faced by patients who are on chronic medications as well as their caregivers. Have you ever thought of using a pill box? Which types of pill box should I use? Thanks to 藥物圖標 (Drug Icon CC) for sponsoring 300 pill boxes to us, we distribute to the pill boxes to those in need free of charge. Pharmacists will provide free medication assessments and consultations, hopefully the medication aid can improve drug compliance. The pill box gift set can cater for Chinese, English and Urdu speaking clients.

How to get the free pill box?

Follow the steps below and you will recieve pill box free of charge:

  1. Like「Health In Action Community Pharmacy 醫護行社區藥房Facebook Page
  2. Like and share the Facebook post (Click here)
  3. Visit Health In Action Community Pharmacy and present the ‘Liked’ record, you will get the pill box
  4. Gifts are available while stocks last

Free to Join Medication Management Service

Community patients with chronic medications and their caregiver(s) can join this service, Through regular consultations and follow-ups, pharmacists will assist patients and their caregivers to more holistically take charge of their medication therapy and own health. Hand in hand, our pharmacists will walk with you and guide you through the medication issues encountered. With optimized regimen and enhanced knowledge, you can be the own master of your health too! For more details, please visit: