Medication Management Services
Partnership Scheme

Community service units have always played a vital role in caring for and supporting people in the community. Medication Management Services Partnership Scheme (hereinafter referred to as the “scheme”) aims to reach out to more chronic patients with medication-related problems by collaborating with different community service units. The scheme will provide service users with consultation services and they will be followed up through the service units.

In order to achieve long-term and sustainable development of community medication management services in Hong Kong, the scheme also aims to bring together passionate community pharmacists to implement medication management services in different locations. Meanwhile, the scheme will continue to bring forward discussion, research, practice and innovation, providing the knowledge, experience and resources for expanding local primary care pharmacy services.

Aims of Scheme

  • Enhance medication-related health outcomes among high-risk patients by optimising the accessibility, appropriateness, effectiveness, safety and adherence of medication therapy
  • Empower chronic patients and their caregivers by strengthening their knowledge and literacy in self-management, health-related decision-making and health promotion
  • Enhance the community capacity to support chronic patients and their caregivers in medication-related health management
  • Enhance the competence and readiness of primary care pharmacists to deliver medication management service through knowledge transfer and incubation

Features of Scheme

  • Provide support and training to assist partners (including community service units and pharmacists) to understand relevant concepts
  • Discuss the scope of collaboration, roles and responsibilities of both parties
  • Establish referral guide to facilitate community service units to refer suitable clients
  • Follow up with community service units to develop self-management plan based on the needs of clients and monitor progress
  • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme and identify areas needed improvement
  • Acknowledge partners’ contributions and spread the positive impact of the scheme

Benefits of Becoming Our Partners

Operation Modes

How to Apply

For organizations interested in participating in the scheme, please apply via online enrolment form:

Health In Action Community Pharmacy will contact you in due course for further discussion.

For other enquiries, please contact Health In Action Community Pharmacy at 36129515, or email (Please specify: Medication Managment Services Partnership Scheme).

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