Real or fake refugees?

The ongoing Healthy Living Program for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Hong Kong is developed based on two completed pilot projects since 2012.

Asylum seekers and refugees are a marginalized population in Hong Kong, facing multiple forms of social exclusion, including barriers in accessing needed healthcare services. Health In Action advocates for the “right to health”, regardless of immigration status, and our project aims to achieve health equity and promote humanitarianism in the society.

Real or fake refugees?

Adopting our organization’s multi-stakeholder framework, we actively engage with different actors to conduct advocacy on both micro and macro levels, such as orientation for new arrivals, women’s health empowerment program, escort service for medical appointments, housing and nutrition research, discussion with public service providers and education to the public.

In the future, we will explore broadening our service target to ethnic minorities in Hong Kong in general, while continuing to support the establishment of a more transparent screening system to ensure the protection of asylum seekers with genuine claims.

We welcome anyone interested in our cause to work together in implementing current initiatives and developing new ones.