“Kwai Tsing Community Health Management Hub” A New Centre for Working Poor Families in Kwai Tsing District

Health In Action established the “Kwai Tsing Community Health Management Hub” to provide primary health care service in Kwai Tsing District. The Hub will celebrate their opening ceremony on 12 Jan 2019, following by a week of experimental activities. Kwai Tsing residents can understand our service by making an appointment. Our Chairman of Health In Action, Dr. Fan Ning, believed, health is not out of reach for working poor. They earn for living every day, and thus, it is more important in managing their health. We hope to cooperate with different community parties and residents in Kwai Tsing area to improve the all resident’s quality of life and eliminate health inequity in the society.

Health In Action received approximately HK$15millions funding from the Fu Tak Iam Foundation to establish the “Kwai Tsing Community Health Management Hub”. The Hub occupied about 1500 sq ft. and located at the Millennium Trade Centre which is near to the Kwai Hing MTR station. We mainly provide multi-disciplinary primary health care services to working for poor families in Kwai Tsing area. Our team includes nurses, physiotherapist, pharmacist, nutritionist and social workers. Health In Action aims to increase working poor’s ability in managing their health and teach the public about the concept of social determinants of health to promote health equity.

Participants can come to our Hub and make an appointment with nurses to conduct health screening and consultations, e.g. cardiovascular disease assessment, weight management and other chronic disease management. Our Hub also provides physiotherapy services including consultation, pain assessment, treatment and follow up, exercise group and occupational health programmes. Meanwhile, we also have a community pharmacy, providing minor ailment diseases diagnosis and medication treatment by a community pharmacist. Members can enjoy most of the services free of charge and a membership price for physiotherapy service.

HIA Social Determinants of Health

Due to Health Inequity, Working Poor Families are our Target Beneficent

Dr. Fan shared, we observed working poor families lack health information and therefore, cannot treat their health problem timely and appropriately. They even have inadequate resources in managing the impacts of chronic diseases. Due to their low financial status and the rise of consumer price, the quality of life decreases as well as their health. It is a vicious cycle. Through a multi-disciplinary medical team and family approach, the Hub provides a costly and timely primary health care service to working poor.

The community is full of health inequity. Health In Action has been working on eliminating it and empowering working poor to manage their health, including providing the newest health information and improving their living environment, for 4 years. Meanwhile, we introduce “socio-medical symbiosis” concepts that target the social determinants of health with a social changing mindset to bring sustainable change in the community.

Therefore, we hope to connect and build trust with more community partners, groups and the Health Authority, join-handed to dissolve the health problems encountered by working for poor families.