Interview with Volunteer: Dilys
Interview with Volunteer: Dilys
Dilys, a nursing student at Caritas Medical Centre.

Young volunteer with big vision – Dilys

“I ought to make my family and friends live in a healthy life!”

Dilys is a Year-3 student nurse in Caritas Medical Centre. She realizes that many people in Sham Shui Po community could not benefit from the medical services of Hospital Authority. “I wish to change the unhealthy lifestyles of my family and friends, so they can enjoy healthy and happy life. That’s the trigger for me to choose the profession.” Dilys said passionately. She later discovered that she should also change the unhealthy lifestyles of the grassroots in the community.

HIA is “extraordinary” ?!

During these three years, Dilys has participated in various community visits organized by different organizations. She visited the elders who live alone, people who live in sub-divided units and single-parent families. Besides, she also assisted in promoting healthy lifestyles and exercising with the beneficiaries. “I love ‘extraordinary’ community service that I can apply what I have learnt. This is one of the reasons why I join the community service of HIA.” Dilys said.

Dilys was seldom in touch with the ethnic minorities and refugees in the past. “I connect with non-Chinese grassroots through HIA. I realise that many of them know little about healthy living habits, and they also have very limited knowledge of access to appropriate medical services,” she states. Dilys is fond of community health activities, as she believes that these activities help to keep people healthy. “I have witnessed some patients visiting hospitals so frequent that hospitals become their second home. It is so pathetic!” Dilys exclaimed. Dilys thinks that frontline health profession should lead the public health education, as they can engage more people with their professional knowledge. At the same time, she understands that the limited public health resources results in shifting the educational works to NGOs, rather than by a systemic approach of the pubic system. “I have tried Aerobics, Tai Chi, hiking as the health promoting campaigns. The most popular campaign is related to promoting healthy eating habits. This campaign attracts the people to take a leap on healthy living style.” Dilys shared her past experiences.

Caring is the recipe for dealing with loneliness

“I look forward to becoming a caring nurse after graduation.” Dilys said with passion, she frequently reminds herself that “a nurse” means much more than  a career, and it is necessary to have caring heart. “Empathy is crucial. Caring boosts the bravery of a patient to face the medical treatment and fight the disease.” Dilys adds, “I hope that more health-promoting campaigns will be carried out in the hospital. The grassroots will not pay attention to their health until they collapse. Many of them work restlessly for living, just like a Nepalese street cleaner, who continued to work even when she was sick. Promoting health living makes them realize the importance of health, and the necessity of seeking medical treatment in the early stage. I will continue to participate in the social activities of HIA, in order to promote health living messages to more citizens.” Dilys wishes more healthcare professionals could understand the real needs of the patients through social activities, instead of giving them treatment and drugs routinely.


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