200,000 households of working poor!

Healthy Living Program for Grassroots Working Family started in January 2015. It aims to break the viscous cycle of poverty and disease by assisting targeted family and individuals to maintain their health both physically and mentally, and facilitating improvement of health system for effective covering of the need of target group.

200,000 households of working poor!

Program mainly provides primary health screening with advice to individual and family, empowers on health maintaining ability and provides assistance in getting proper health / medical services. To facilitate advocacy, the program plans to conduct a study on health and health access status of low income working family in 2016.

In view of the important impact of home safety on health, the program will also kick off a small disaster preparedness project targeted to people living in cubicle apartments in the summer of 2016, in order to build up their capacity in responding to fire as well as home fire prevention.

HIA needs your support in providing the above services and assisting in all of activities.


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