On 8 November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan battered the Philippines and caused catastrophic damage. Health In Action (HIA) team has been responding with emergency relief items for families in desperate need.

Distribution of emergency relief items
HIA has distributed relief packs, which contain food and hygiene kit, to over 5,000 families in the Philippines in response to the devastating typhoon. In Bohol, because of water shortage and power outage, HIA has prepared bottled water, food and torch for 200 families affected. On Panay Island, HIA has distributed food items, e.g. sardines, rice, energy biscuit and hygiene kit to families in Balasan and Sara in the early stage. We also conducted health assessment and provided health consultations for more than 70 people within hours. In Estancia, HIA has sent around 300 packs of relief goods, which contained bottled water, food, hygiene kit and flashlight. Concepcion was one of the hardest hit areas by typhoon Haiyan and HIA was able to reach one of the islands Talotu-an and conducted the relief distribution. Whereas in Calinog, another mountainous region in Capiz, most of the coconut trees were knocked down and people have lost their shelter. HIA was the first NGO to distributing relief goods in the region. Some families have to walk for 3-4 hours to get the relief goods.

Typhoon Haiyan Relief Project Relief

Typhoon Haiyan Relief Project water Relief

Follow-up assessment
HIA interviewed households in Iloilo town-Estancia in response to its pressing health and environmental hazard. After the initial assessment, we have been aware of the rising number of diarrhea cases, especially children. It was also observed that some water sources have been contaminated. Therefore, HIA has immediately distributed purified drinking water for more than 600 families there. With the coordination and collaboration of local partners, e.g. Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines and Social Action Centre of the archdiocese of Capiz (the diocesan Caritas office), HIA could reach far-flung mountainous region to carry out an accurate assessment of the damage caused by the typhoon and the needs of the population.

Typhoon Haiyan Relief Project

Our relief work would not be possible without the generous support from our donors. About HKD320,000 has been raised. All donations have been put into best use for relief of those affected by the disaster.