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As a health advocacy organization, we actively engage policymakers and other stakeholders to eliminate health inequity in societies. These are our position papers.

The Legislative Council Subcommittee on Rights of Ethnic Minorities

Submission for 23 January 2018 Meeting on “Implementation and review of the Administrative Guidelines on Promotion of Racial Equality”

Submission for 10 July 2017 Meeting on “Poverty problem of ethnic minorities”

Submission for 8 May 2017 Meeting on “Difficulties encountered by ethnic minorities in gaining access to housing and healthcare services, and views on services provided by Support Service Centres for Ethnic Minorities”

Submission for 10 April 2017 Meeting on “Issues relating to the use of healthcare services by ethnic minorities”

Submission for 13 February 2017 Meeting on “Employment support services for ethnic minorities”

The Legislative Council Subcommittee on Children’s Rights

Submission for 24 July 2017 Meeting on “Rights of refugee children”

The Legislative Council Panel on Health Services

Submission for 16 January 2017 Meeting on “Review of the fees and charges for public hospital services”

Joint Letters

2 June 2017 Joint Letter to Request for Extension of the Subcommittee on Rights of Ethnic Minorities

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

16 October 2017 Submission on The Right to Health and the Sustainable Development Goals