Grassroots working families prioritise generating income to attain household livelihood over pursuing sustainable and healthy body-mind functions. Multiple factors have contributed to this phenomenon, including little social support from community and government, lack of awareness, knowledge and skills of healthy lifestyle, as well as a suboptimal access to available resources due to a tight working schedule. Failure in maintaining good health results in poor quality of life and a deteriorating work capacity, leading to a vicious cycle.

Regarding our experience with health projects for working poor families in Hong Kong which started in 2015. HIA believes our community should establish an equitable health system and all involved should be empowered to take responsibility for one’s health. Therefore we are currently launching a 2-year project named “ Healthy Living Project for Working Poor Families in Kwai Tsing District ”.

Project Aims

To enrich the participants on their capacity and knowledge in health maintenance, as well as encouraging the use of public health facilities. By doing so, one can avoid the negative effect of disease on life and work, thus, breaking the vicious cycle where the inability to remain healthy leads to a decrease in income.

Project Target

1) Kwai Tsing District working poor and their families^ can apply to become our members and enjoy designated services.

^ defined as the individuals or the families who are receiving or eligible for one of the following allowance schemes:

  • Working family allowance
  • Financial Assistance Schemes of The Student Finance Office
  • Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme of Labour Department
  • The medical fee waiver for public healthcare services

Please call us for other information.

2) Those who are concerned about health in other districts are also welcome to enquire and participate in our health talks or other services.

Family Health Management Program

Family Health Management Program is one of the most emphasised sub-program of our working poor targeted Healthy Living Project in Kwai Tsing District.

The program targets working poor participants or their family members who are early diagnosed with or who have either high blood glucose, hypertension or high cholesterol and are ready to improve his or her condition.

Participating families will be assigned one volunteer health professional for follow-up, a health management scheme will be formulated and exercised depending on the situation of the family.

Family visits will be made to elevate health assessment as well as to enhance self-healthcare and community training sessions. Phone calls and Messages will be sent to keep in touch with our participants for further follow-up action. During the program, Health equipment can be borrowed or subsidised for monitoring of their health.

If you want our help, you can visit our health support for working poor page for details.