Ascending the heights

The Nepal Solukhumbu Health project is using post-disaster resilience concept to empower the local community on building and hosting a culturally compatible and holistic community health program.

The community leaders are committed to improving the health status of habitants. Health personnel also see provision of first aid training to community and primary health promotion program as an important step to improve health conditions in the mountain.

Ascending the heights

The 3-year vision is to build a community health network surrounding 3 health facilities. Identification and training of committed community members to be first aiders and health promoters will be launched. HIA will work with Khunde Hospital to eradicate Helicobacter pylori (with prevalence up to 78%), WHO Class I carcinogen, in the population. The whole project will involve local villagers (including women), school teachers, students and health personnel.

HIA needs you to help in the delivery of wilderness (mountain) first aid training.

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